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We pride ourselves in our ability to meet even the most aggressive time schedules and toughest projects.
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  Real Estate Professionals
Acquisition & Relocation Experts
Wilson Development Services, has provided acquisition and relocation assistance since 1981. Our skilled professionals can meet the needs of all acquisition and relocation projects regardless of size. We pride ourselves in our ability to meet even the most aggressive time schedules and toughest projects.
Since 1971 Dan Wilson has extensively and properly implemented the Uniform Relocation Act acquisition and relocation policies. Trained, full time real estate professionals skillfully move property owners/displacees through the decision making process.
We incorporate a unique problem solving approach that allows us to minimize the fears and emotions that are a part of the public acquisition and relocation process. All of our associates have the special skills and a depth of practical real estate experience to reach timely and fair settlements.
  Wilson Development Team
Dan Wilson, owner, has 45 years of experience with acquisition and relocation. He's an expert on the Uniform Real Property Acquisition and Relocation Act. He has represented numerous municipalities, public, and nonprofit agencies throughout the State of Minnesota in thousands of residential and commercial acquisition and relocation transactions.
Dan currently serves on the Professional Standards Committee for the Minneapolis Area Association Board of Realtors. He serves as a visiting instructor for MnDOT, HUD, and NAHRO in Uniform Act training seminars. He is also called upon as an expert witness in relocation appeal cases and eminent domain proceedings.
Kathy Schmieg, has been in real estate since 1986 as a real estate agent and a right of way specialist. Kathy has tremendous problem-solving skills that make her a highly effective right of way agent and relocation specialist. She performed an integral role in assisting 233 utility easements for the City of Buffalo in a remarkable 60 day period, with only one parcel going to condemnation. kathy@wilsondevelopmentservices.com
Leah Traxler, has been in the real estate industry as a licensed realtor since 2003. Her background includes dealing with difficult situations and personalities in the airline industry. This year she settled 83 of 84 acquisitions. leah@wilsondevelopmentservices.com

* All of our associates have a Minnesota Real Estate License and the special skills needed for negotiating successful acquisition and relocation projects.
Wilson Development Services is a MnDOT pre-approved provider of direct purchase, relocation and field title work and pre-approved with Hennepin County for acquisition and relocation services.
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